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As youngsters within a keen aesthetic sense and a love for dwelling in things creative, we were getting depressed over the mundane and monotonous traditional invitations cards that were sold all across India. People didn’t want to risk experimentation with a new design agency when it came to their invitation needs and yet wanted to make an impression.

The only communication (most often) we have with our guests before a wedding is when we invite them. People judge the pomp and grandeur of our wedding by our invitations. Why plan an amazing show and mess up the trailer. We wanted to let everyone we could get to make that impression on par with their ambitions.

Come 2016, 7 of us from different engineering colleges quit our careers to come together and begin ‘That1Card’. We let our customers buy traditional cards for their guests and explore with customized cards for the ones who most matter to them.

We began designing and printing to fill this void with just three ideas in mind – Delivery above expectations, Quality without surcharges, Creativity only limited by dimensions.

If you feel our beat and wanna quirk up your wedding invite get knocking on our doors. Oh yeah, we’re just a WhatsApp message away!