chocolate box

Caramelized Harmony

That1Card is proud to provide customers like you Chocolate Invitations.

What can you expect from chocolate invitations that are purchased from us –
(i) All chocolates are completely home-made and procured from FSSAI certified women Self-help groups registered as Producer Companies in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu
(ii) We have a BIS certification to ascertain that our product composition contains no harmful preservatives or colouring agents
(iii) We aren’t a completely organic product, but none of our raw materials are alternatives to the actual ingredients and are picked through strict procedures
(iv) All our products carry a shelf-life of 7 days and upto 14 days when subjected to moderate refrigeration. We urge you to distribute our chocolates to your guests within that time-span. If time wouldn’t permit you, don’t worry – you’ve always got the option to deep-freeze it and preserve it for over a month.

Well, they were just the details –

Here are more such things useful to you:
 (i) We’ve got multiple flavours that can tempt you and add fireworks across your taste-buds, primarily compositions of chocolate and vanilla
 (ii) We’ve got a variety of dried-fruits and nuts that you can mix in different proportions and customize with ease. Strands of fine slivers of mint and similar Kashmiri flavouring agents can also add some unexpected tangy tastes to the chocolates
 (iii) We can definitely customize the type of foil that wraps around your chocolate and that’s to make sure that your colour-palette matches your taste-palette

The speciality you can almost entirely expect from us –
And that’s not just what lies inside the invitation, rather what lies outside it as well. We can print almost anything for you and present it to you as the chocolate cover. Let it be a foil-profile invite, a Mumbaikar-love caricature or a Quincenara UV Emboss, we can get all of that done for you in a very simple way.

Enjoy the chocolatey chocoletto chocolate!
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”Happily ever after initiated”